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Raising your frequency supports self-transformation, living more and more from a place of joy, self-compassion, and love for self and for our fellow human beings.

Awakening Healing Axis’ Advanced High Frequency Shift is an essential part of finding more joy and love of self and others in our day-to-day life.

It is one of the important keys to accessing the frequencies now available on planet. These energy frequencies are new or have been hidden in recent historical times. More energy frequencies are constantly being revealed as our human collective is quickly evolving and ascending.

Our “Advanced High Frequency Shift” is a tool to continually raise your frequency to higher levels.

Raising one’s frequency is a practice of intentionally connecting with higher and higher aspects of oneself through strengthening the deepest core of our human and spiritual existence. It is achieved by elevating to a higher octave, to be in closer contact with the Divine while being fully present on the earth.

What people are saying about the

"Advanced High Frequency Shift"

““I am able to do deeper work with clients and they have more profound shifts in their health.””

““The Advanced High Frequency Shift has allowed me to connect deeper into the Pure Timeless Earth and live from a place of more joy and less drama.””

““I again have elevated my consciousness and awareness to new heights. My heart is open, my mind clear, and I am ready to move forward with new-found excitement and joy.””

Course curriculum

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    1. Introducing our Advanced High Frequency Shift - AHFS

    2. Advanced High Frequency Shift- AHFS Presentation

    3. Guided AHFS (Advanced High Frequency Shift) Meditation

    1. Enjoy your journey

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